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about the photographer

I will try to be short, maybe not. I am originally from Houston Texas. I moved to Appleton in 2006, when I finally decided to start Juanita C. Kadolph Fine Art Portraits LLC.  I am a mother of two, my baby girl Nayeli, and my handsome son Niko.  I am happily married with my husband/inspirer of 11 yrs Kurt.

Now, my PASSION and LOVE for photography started as far back as I can recall.  I was 15-16 with my little camera and loved shooting photos!  Everywhere I went, my cousins would say ”Here comes Nita, watch out she’s got her camera again like always!”  Soon, I was taking pictures for friends and family events.  I loved capturing the moments that meant a lot, and were special to others; I made it mine as well.

One year Kurt started buying me professional equipment for Christmas; well my friends that was the start of it all!  I started to shoot and am still doing it.  I LOVE every single moment, every instant, every smile I capture I enjoy every part of it.  I love LIFE, all the wonderful things the Lord offers us; and then to bless me, to be ever so lucky to capture it from my heart and through my lens is… WOW… AMAZING!

I am very enthusiastic, and full of energy!  I bring a smile beside my camera, with me all the time.  I am a perfectionist at pleasing people, and portraying them through my art.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by, and hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating the experience.  “May God Bless You”

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